Patriot Network

What is this movement?

It is a spiritually active, governmentally engaged and grass roots effort designed to take back our communities from tyranny. We bring positive changes to policies of local government and the education system through the united actions of politically engaged congregations.

Why did we start such a movement? 

Our country is under attack by demonic principalities and powers. They are destroying the very cultural and religious fabric that makes the USA so special. Their evil agenda is cloaked in phrases such as, “end racism”, “redistribute wealth to the disadvantaged”, and “open borders”. Their outright Marxist propaganda bombards us daily. Many Christians listen to cable news and no longer recognize lies from truth.  The Bible tells us, in the latter days, good and evil will be confused. Those days are here, and God wants us to resist tyranny wherever it exists.
The most heinous demonic victory occurred when Roe v. Wade was passed by the Supreme Court in 1973. Abortion is truly an abomination to God and if not reversed, we could lose God’s favor. More recently, Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project falsely characterize white or conservative Americans as racists. Such narratives divide America and promote racism.
Religious freedom is under attack.  Churches were closed during the pandemic, yet many bars and big-box stores remained open. Pastors and parishioners were fined for worshipping during a pandemic that had a 99.8% recovery rate. It is our duty to resist suppression of religious freedom.
Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 29 were ordained ministers. Many of these patriots were members of the Black Robe Regiment (pastors wore black robes in the pulpit). They led their congregations in the American Revolution. It is now our turn to preserve what they so bravely fought to create. NOT violently, but peacefully by leveraging our vote and influence.

Why will your local leaders listen to you?

They know the combined voting power of 5-10 local churches can cause victory or defeat in the next local election. Sheriffs, Mayors, City and County Council members and Commissioners, School Boards and Judges need to be reminded to honor their oath of office. If they refuse, we must run against them in the next election and defeat them!

What is our goal?  

Through Pastors like you, we are rallying congregations and countering leftist radicalism in cities all over the USA. With your help and the efforts of thousands of other Pastor Patriots, we will create 5,000 sanctuary cities and counties that outlaw abortion and CRT and protect our God given rights. They will rebuke the evil mandates that will be coming from State and Federal Governments.

How do I sign my church up?

To apply to become part of the Patriot Church Network, fill out the form below.